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Twitter experiment lets select developers to build 3rd-party apps

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San Francisco, April 24 (MondayMirror.com) Twitter has launched an experiment with select developers to promote their third-party apps directly on its platform.

With this, select users will see these services promoted with a new prompt when they mute or block another account on Twitter, reports TechCrunch.

“The Twitter Toolbox offers more solutions to improve your experience on Twitter,” according to the company.

Twitter first introduced the Twitter Toolbox in February.

The test will initially focus on apps like Block Party, Bodyguard and Moderate.

The beta test will only display to select users.

When Twitter users block or mute someone using its built-in tools via the web app, “they’ll see a new, non-intrusive prompt that suggests various third-party services that are capable of providing more advanced levels of safety and protection”.

“This is the first step in us working with developers to actually enable those needs,” according to Amir Shevat, Twitter’s head of Product for its developer platform.

“[Developers] want users and we want to provide them with the right users at the right time,” the Twitter executive added.

The test comes as Twitter is trying to improve its relationship with the third-party developers.

“I see the future of Twitter as an iPhone, where the value that you get is actually through developer innovation,” Shevat was quoted as saying.

Source: IANS

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