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Actress Bhagyashree interacts with school kids; bats for reforms in the education system

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Actress Bhagyashree graced a unique Talent Mania event held at Vishwajyot High School in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. The parents who attended this event were in for a surprise when Bhagyashree graced the stage. The parents expected Bhagyashree to announce the “winners” of this talent hunt, however she chose instead to advocate a new perspective of looking at talent. “Each child is born brilliant”, she said “and it is upto us, parents and teachers to discover the extraordinary that is within each child”. “So instead of breathlessly waiting for the judges to pronounce your child a winner, we should realise that each child has the potential to be a winner, if only his teachers and parents believe in the child and give him all the opportunity to succeed”, added Amrut Dhumal, Co-Founder Vishwajyot High School.

Emphasising on the fact that every child is unique and our education system needs to unlock every child’s learning potential, Bhagyashree said, “Learning is all about actively seeking answers to questions and solutions to problems rather than merely focusing on what’s been taught in the classroom. It is critical to identify and tap the unique potential of every child as these kids will grow up to become the pioneers of change and leaders of tomorrow. I had a great time meeting the kids today, interacting with them and learning about each one’s unique talent. They are at the peak of curiosity and they ask the most important questions. We need to encourage them and provide an environment that helps them nurture their creativity and ideas in the best possible way.”

Bhagyashree also led the parents present in a pledge not to pre-judge or compare their child to others but to believe in their child and nurture the genius that exists within each child. She concluded the event with a wish that she could go back in time and attend a school like Vishwajyot that brings these principles to life.

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