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Regular medical follow-up helps prevent second cardiac arrest:Dr RK Jaswal

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Regular medical follow-up helps prevent second cardiac arrest:Dr RK Jaswal

Regular medical follow-up coupled with healthy lifestyle might help prevent second cardiac arrest by 45%, says Dr RK Jaswal

 Public awareness programme stresses on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Regular medical follow-up and maintaining a healthy lifestyle post undergoing a heart procedure are absolutely essential for the well-being of a patient. In addition to this, patients and their family members should be well aware of the care and follow-up techniques that can help prevent a cardiac arrest.

To sensitise the general public on how to maintain cardio-vascular health, Dr RK Jaswal, Head of Department and Director of Cardiology; and Director, Cath Lab, Fortis Hospital Mohali, organised a public awareness programme on ways to prevent heart attacks for several patients – who have undergone percutaneous coronary angiography (PTCA)/Stenting – from across North India at Hotel Novotel here on Sunday.

This is the seventh such event on patient education organised by Dr Jaswal wherein tips are imparted under ‘Post PTCA After Care’ to the general public.

Addressing the gathering at the event, Dr Jaswal, added, “Medical investigation has established that if a patient, who has undergone percutaneous coronary angiography (PTCA), strictly adheres to proper medical follow-up and maintains a healthy lifestyle, chances of him/her suffering a second heart attack or a sudden cardiac death decreases by 45%. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after undergoing a heart procedure is essential for a long, healthy life.”

The patients were further apprised on the advanced treatment options, now available in a majority of leading hospitals across the world, which significantly reduce complications and improves long-term patient outcomes.

Regular medical follow-up helps prevent second cardiac arrest:Dr RK Jaswal

“Fortis Hospital Mohali, which is a Centre of Excellence for Cardiac Sciences, offers the most advanced and latest technology such as Rotablation, Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR), Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), Impella etc. available 24×7 for the last decade,” added Dr Jaswal.

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