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Popular TV actress Charrul Malik regrets divide between film and TV stars

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Popular TV actress Charrul Malik regrets divide between film and TV stars


TV actress Charrul Malik, who is currently part of ‘Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai’ and ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, says that the divide between TV and film actors continues to exist. She says that only film actors are considered as superstars.

“It is true that actors get tagged that TV actors get more footage. The reason for this is that they come every day on TV. It has its own pros and cons. On TV, it is believed that an actor gets overexposed. Whereas Bollywood actors are seen once or twice a year in a film. Only film actors are considered big stars, which is really sad. As you can also see that TV actors are also doing well.”

“Be it Manish Paul and Sunil Grover who started with TV and now they are seen in films too. Pankaj Tripathi and Mrunal Thakur are also seen in films now. OTT has given a platform where actors can exhibit and present their talent. There are a lot of stories that are related to rural and urban stories, hot topics, sensational and controversial.”

“OTT has opened a new door for those who haven’t got a chance to work in films. Even if they are getting it, they want to do web series. Web series you can get a lead role or parallel lead but it is not easy to get it in Bollywood. On OTT, there are Bollywood actors, TV actors and also upcoming actors. It’s like a buffet where you can get all kinds of dishes,” she says.

However, with so many platforms giving way to a plethora of content, getting your desired role has become easier. “If you have passion and dedication and you have ‘acting ka keeda’ inside you, then definitely you should try acting. There are a lot of platforms these days so you should try to audition.”

“Not only on OTT, films or TV but you can also post it on social media. You can upload creative content on social media as well as on YouTube. Where you will obviously be acknowledged if you have good content and are doing well.”

“I have seen a lot of influencers who are really good and working hard. There are a lot of opportunities where you can try your luck. As it is always said you have to work hard in whatever you do. Give your hundred percent and definitely you will succeed. There are a lot of opportunities around you to decide what you have to do,” she says.

The younger lot of actors are working really hard, says Charrul.

“I really like to see young actors coming. But they lack the patience which seasonal actors have. There are a lot of seasonal actors with whom I have worked with and currently working in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai. Seasonal actors have been working for 30-40 years and still are great actors.”

“They are willing to learn more and more and you can see that fire in them but the younger actors lack that patience. I have observed this personally. Of course, the younger kids are a lot more active, they have a good pick-up power and are instant. Seasonal actors have to come to a stage where they have a lot of experience. Younger generation is a lot more versatile.”

“They can’t focus on one particular thing, they have to do all the things. So, they lack specialization. They are inspiring at the same time. They know how to gain attention, footage and be popular. What all you have to do to be in the limelight. Which I think season actors don’t know much about. I think whether it’s young or seasonal, being patient would always help,” she says.

Charrul adds that OTT has not only increased opportunities, but also helped content on TV evolve.

“The OTT boom has led to the evolution of content on TV for sure. People who used to love watching TV have now shifted to OTT. Obviously, there are people who are dedicated to a particular show and still watch TV.”

“OTT has given us a platform to watch many things. So, OTT has been a game-changer no doubt. Both in opportunity and content-wise also because the content which comes on OTT if it was shown on TV then it will take at least five takes to complete a scene. It takes weeks and weeks to complete one ceremony but still people love to watch it. It’s up to you what you have to watch. OTT is a good source to absorb content-oriented things,” she says.

OTT is known to show reality, but too much of reality is also not what the audience will like, says the actress, adding: “Showing too much of reality can be condemned because repetition is not liked by everyone and there is a saying called excess of everything is bad. I think people do want to connect and want to see real things but too much of everything is not digestible.”

“I think it’s better to show some and hide some. It is necessary for TV or any platform you have to be confined to certain limits. You can’t overexpose things because if you do then people are not left with any climax or suspense. You need to keep the suspense, tease a little, show a little and hide a little. I think that should be the strategy,” she concludes.

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