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Yesha Rughani can relate to her role in ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’

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Mumbai, April 21 (MondayMirror.com) Be it her beliefs regarding women empowerment or her zeal to achieve the impossible, actress Yesha Rughani says that she can relate well to her character in the show ‘Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey’.

The actress plays the role of Gungun in the show and adds that she is just like her in real life.

“Gungun is my twin soul, my twin sister. I can relate extremely well to this character. I still remember the moment I heard the character sketch, I was all set to play her role. She never really shies away from standing up for anybody. She would fight her way out and she would raise questions about why women are not treated at par with men.”

“So she would ask questions like – Why can’t women travel late and why are these rules only for girls. Now, these questions are something that I also find myself asking. Another thing about Gungun is that she is a very honest person.

“She really does things from her heart and if she doesn’t feel like doing something, she just won’t do it. I am also someone who follows her heart. Our similarities are so evident that so many friends and family members actually tell me that this role must be so easy for you to portray!” she shares.

The story of how she came on board for the show exudes mysticism, it feels like it was meant to be, she says, adding: “I think it’s a fabulous title because life is full of surprises and coincidences. When I signed up for this show, I was on the Ganga Ghat and I was doing a Ganga Aarti, in Rishikesh.”

“And I just asked Ganga Mayya that I really wish that you would give me a beautiful character to play, which is extremely close to my heart. And I got a call for this particular character. So, it was a beautiful Ittefaq, I would say! It felt like it came straight from God. Immediately, the next day, I flew back to Mumbai and signed the contract. So Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey started with a very holy, positive, beautiful Ittefaq.”

While no two characters are the same, Yesha adds that with every new role, she imbibes something new in her life.

“This character is different from what I played in ‘Muskan’, ‘Hero’ and ‘Jeet Gaye Toh Piya More’. However, I learn a little bit more about myself with each character. The qualities in each character have a bit of me, and I have a bit of them. So, Muskan was about a girl who is very silent and it took her a lot of time to stand up for her beliefs. She was always bent towards education but it took her a while to voice that, that was Muskan.”

“Whereas this girl is totally the opposite. She is the opposite of quiet, she is the opposite of shy. She is out there, absolutely loud and clear. Muskan wanted to study but Gungun doesn’t like to study. In the same way, in ‘Hero’, Zara was an actress and was multilayered. She was a very career-oriented woman,” she adds.

“Whereas Gungun doesn’t have something like that in her. The first character that I played was Devi or Devika in ‘Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey’ and again that was a very different character. Devi was a doctor and was stuck in her marriage. What I am trying to say is that all four characters are so different from each other and stand apart. I’m so glad that I’m getting to portray different sides of me, through my shows,” concludes the actress.

Source: IANS

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