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To commemorate 75 years of independence, a breakthrough campaign was launched to simplify education in technology and system design

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To commemorate 75 years of independence, a breakthrough campaign was launched to simplify education in technology and system design

Today, we must let go of outdated and misleading patterns of learning technologies and SYSTEM DESIGN that remain the backbone of all technologies. Let yourself choose the right way to reach your education and skill goals by freeing yourself from the complexities of the education space”, said ace technology expert Vimal Daga, while flagging off the campaign ” Simplifying Education & System Design space “, He stressed Don’t complicate the education space on the occasion of India’s 75th celebration. Lifestyle and Career Coach Preeti Daga joined him on this occasion.

In order to address this issue and help students make better choices for their future, Vimal Daga, a technology expert, unveiled a campaign entitled which aimed at emphasising more on education and not complexities and complex methods while simplifying the entire process of education in technology and system design. It was launched while marking the celebration for Independence day with the aim of fostering freedom that leads to empowerment and help students in giving the right direction and approach towards making career choices.

Through this month-long campaign, students will be encouraged to shed beliefs that hold them back. This will enable them to simplify their approach to learning system design which happens to be the core of innovation in technology. Highlighting the significance of the same, Mr Vimal Daga said, ”Innovation and future technologies are rooted in system design. However, students today are utterly confused and without proper guidance or direction fall victim to the wrong approach. In order to learn all the components of system designing, students run to different mentors, but what they need is one expert who knows all components of system designing. Similarly, there were other areas of education that were highlighted by Vimal Daga as he initiated this campaign. The campaign was joined by youth from Rajasthan, Jaipur, Delhi, Gurgaon and Punjab. Additionally the month-long campaign works towards reintroducing the fundamentals for aspiring technology professionals while addressing the shortcoming students face.

 Other issues highlighted through this campaign were preparing for difficult exams for engineering students, maintaining a disciplined schedule, getting comfortable with grades, Keeping up with coursework, language proficiency, lack in absorbing capacity, lesser industry interaction, employability, making right aims and avoiding to make wrong aims,placement issues, lack of confidence, lack of time management, lack of proper education and career guidance, high fees and expenses, faculty shortage and lesser exposure to reality. 

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