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Sherlyn Chopra says her role in ‘Paurashpur 2’ makes her feel ‘ powerful ‘

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Sherlyn Chopra says her role in ‘Paurashpur 2’ makes her feel ‘powerful ‘

Sherlyn Chopra says her role in ‘Paurashpur 2’ makes her feel ‘ powerful ‘

Actress Sherlyn Chopra has been one of the focal points of the upcoming release of Season 2 of the fantasy-drama series ‘Paurashpur’, where she will be essaying the role of Maharani Snehlata. The actress spoke about the frequent backlash she has received for her bold outfits, while saying that her role in ‘Paurashpur 2’ has made her feel empowered.

Taking to her social media, the actress posted a clip of herself where she was being honoured by the Indian Film History Awards, thanking Ekta Kapoor and the production company for giving her the role of Maharani Snehlata.

She was heard saying: “I want to thank Ekta Kapoor and ALT for giving me this opportunity to portray this very strong character of Maharani Snehlata. I have been frequently called out for my dressing choices, and I usually just speak about them in press conferences or promotion events.”

“But for those calling me out for dressing choices, I want to say that being honoured today, and for my role in ‘Paurashpur 2’, I feel more powerful than ever.”

Describing her character, Sherlyn Chopra said: “Maharani Snehlata is a powerful ruler with a strong political sense, and aptitude for strategy. Her outfit reflects the power dynamic, where despite her dressing sense, she is both a powerful warrior and an adept strategist. Clothes do not define the person wearing them, and Maharani Snehlata is certainly a good example of that.”

Earlier, ‘Paurashpur 2’ had unveiled Sherlyn Chopra’s new outfit which while had an angle of regality and power, was also a bold one where she was unafraid to showcase sensuality, and using eroticism to only further highlight her character’s power.

Showmakers had called Maharani Snehlta who hides a deviously cunning mind behind her looks, and is a figure of authority who seems almost unapproachable for all her glamour.

Sherlyn Chopra says her role in ‘Paurashpur 2’ makes her feel ‘ powerful ‘

‘Paurushpur’ is noted for its use of intimate scenes and seductive outfits, and has been called out for overusing eroticism. But that hasn’t stopped it from being a dramatically powerful show with an engaging narrative.

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