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Reports about Divya Spandana’s demise have been significantly overstated

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Reports about Divya Spandana’s demise have been significantly overstated: Kannada actor Divya Spandana is alive and was peacefully resting in Geneva when she received numerous calls inquiring about her condition.

Rumors of the death of Kannada actor Divya Spandana began spreading on social media Wednesday morning. Nevertheless, the actor is alive and in good health, presently located in Geneva.

A tweet from the Twitter or X account @johnsoncinepro claimed that Divya Spandana had died on the morning of September 6. The tweet read, “Surprising news: Divya Spandana, the actor, has breathed her last due to a heart attack.”

Nonetheless, Dhanya Rajendran from The News Minute personally interviewed Divya and rejected the false reports about her demise. In a tweet, she stated, “I just had a conversation with @divyaspandana. She is currently in Geneva, enjoying a peaceful sleep before being inundated with calls. To the irresponsible individual who tweeted this and the news outlets that broadcasted it as breaking news, you should be ashamed.”

Another journalist shared a photo of her dinner meeting with Divya in Geneva. In her tweet, she expressed, “It was a delightful encounter with the highly skilled and gracious lady, ⁦@divyaspandana, over dinner in Geneva. Our conversation touched on various topics, including our shared affection for Bangalore.”

Fans of the actor also criticized those who were disseminating false reports about her death. One Twitter user stated, “Please exercise caution before sharing any news, especially when it pertains to someone’s demise. Avoid spreading inaccurate information that can lead to unwarranted panic or confusion.” Another tweet conveyed, “I was momentarily shocked. It’s a hoax. Kannada news channels confirm that Divya Spandana is alive and well. Please don’t believe in rumors.”

The rumors regarding Divya’s death likely stemmed from the fact that she shares her name with Kannada actor-director Vijay Raghavendra’s wife, Spandana, who tragically passed away in Bangkok last month.

Spandana, aged 44, had traveled to Bangkok with her cousins, and Raghavendra had also joined them after finishing his filming commitments.

“Last night, she went to bed and did not wake up in the morning. We suspect that her passing was related to low blood pressure,” Sri Murali shared with reporters, relaying the information he received from his brother Raghavendra, who had contacted him from Bangkok.

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