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Meat man Vivian Dsena can never go vegan

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Mumbai, April 23 (MondayMirror.com) Actor Vivian Dsena is very fond of cooking and eating well. The actor says that he has never gone on vegan diets or any other fancy diets as he feels that after a hard day’s work, he needs good food.

“All the best to all the people who can follow these diets. I personally, cannot be vegan. Also, I feel that veganism is something that has been promoted or propagated out of proportion and it has a big business behind it. It has some economical gain somehow. So, something that has been promoted and propagated, has a lot of chances for business behind it.”

“This is what I feel. Also, as far as people following a vegan diet is concerned, it’s a passion. The human body is made to adapt. Most people don’t research. They won’t see if the diet suits them or not. But I just feel that if I have worked hard all day, I need good food and vegan doesn’t have that,” he says.

Ask him what he likes to eat in the summer season, and he says: “Usually, I like to eat light food in the summers. When you are shooting outdoors, you can’t be eating heavy food. It gets on your head. Some dairy products. Yoghurt is my daily regime high in vitamin C fruits like strawberries, Kiwi and of course, mango. My father makes lovely lassi and milkshakes.”

The actor adds that the best chefs in the world are men and there is a reason behind it.

“If you ask a woman, she will say the best cooks are women! They will say we cook better than men, even though the best chefs are men. It’s a never-ending debatable question. Usually, when women cook, they do it on a regular basis. So they have the cooking to do and taking care of the house, they are constantly multitasking. They are the best at that.

“But men are better chefs, a man, his cooking time is way longer than a woman’s. And then it turns out good. Men are good cooks but they are asked to cook every day. I am not sure how they will do that,” he says.

Source: IANS

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