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Man earns 1 Crore in a month just by teaching people how to use AI

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Man earns 1 Crore in a month just by teaching people how to use AI

A person manages to generate a sum of 1 crore Indian Rupees in under a month by instructing individuals on the utilization of artificial intelligence.

Moving from the aftermath of a cryptocurrency market decline, Ole Lehmann, a 32-year-old businessperson hailing from Cyprus, successfully transformed into a prosperous instructor in the field of artificial intelligence.

Presently, he’s generating a significant revenue of approximately 1 crore Indian Rupees. Let’s delve into the details of his journey.

At the age of 32, Ole Lehmann, an enterprising individual residing in Cyprus, underwent a transformative event when the crypto platform FTX faced a significant downturn.

The aftermath of this occurrence left him unsure about his future path until he chanced upon ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence innovation that subsequently thrust him into a thriving vocation as an educator.

Presently, Lehmann is achieving substantial earnings by educating people on AI utilization, with his income reaching crores.

With a background spanning more than six years as a cryptocurrency trader and investor, Lehmann placed substantial trust in FTX for his trading endeavors.

Regrettably, his investments aligned with the platform’s abrupt downfall, leading to substantial monetary setbacks.

This distressing encounter not only disenchanted him from the realm of cryptocurrencies but also fueled his enthusiasm for seeking out different paths.

A fortnight after the cryptocurrency market turmoil, Lehmann’s life took a turn when he stumbled upon ChatGPT.

This encounter rekindled his profound fascination with cryptocurrencies.

Recognizing his significant involvement in the field, he realized the immense potential of AI and became enthused by the prospects it held.

Starting from January, Lehmann embarked on a comprehensive exploration of ChatGPT’s capabilities.

Concurrently, he initiated the dissemination of content related to AI on his personal Twitter profile to assess the reception from his audience.

As the subsequent months unfolded, his proficiency with ChatGPT improved significantly, leading to an expansion of his knowledge in generating AI-related content.

By the time April arrived, he introduced “The AI Solopreneur,” a specialized Twitter account aimed at providing advice to independent entrepreneurs on optimizing their productivity through AI.

His content, consisting of series on AI prompts and tools for increased efficiency, attracted a substantial number of views and led to a notable surge in followers.

In just 65 days, he accumulated a follower base of 100,000 and introduced the AI Solopreneurship newsletter.

As his audience continued to expand, Lehmann recognized the increasing need for knowledge about AI methodologies.

This drove him to create the “AI Audience Accelerator” program, designed to assist independent entrepreneurs in harnessing AI for effective content marketing.

The course was initially priced around $179 (approximately Rs 14,790). Despite concerns regarding the course’s viability due to competition and the availability of free AI courses, Lehmann’s launch surpassed expectations.

In the span of one month, his course received an astonishing 1,078 registrations, predominantly from individuals engaged in solo entrepreneurship, content creation, and young adults with a keen interest in cryptocurrencies.

Man earns 1 Crore in a month just by teaching people how to use AI

These participants were mostly aged between their early 20s and mid-30s, hailing from the United States and Canada, as reported by Business Insider.

This swift triumph translated into an impressive total revenue of $176,885, equivalent to approximately Rs 1.4 crore when converted to Indian currency.

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