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Ektaa R Kapoor spoke about the importance of having a lady boss in the workplace at the Times Now, India Economic Conclave 2022

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Content Czarina Ektaa R Kapoor is an embodiment of a successful women entrepreneur in the entertainment industry today. As a one-woman army, Ekta has played a significant role in changing the dynamics of the Indian Television Industry and today she has reached the stage where she enjoys a monopoly in the entertainment arena. As a fierce lioness, she has made a special place for herself ahead of the gender competition that goes on in society.

Apart from giving multiple chartbuster serials to the Indian Television Industry, Ektaa has predominantly delivered some of the finest films and web shows to the film industry and the OTT platforms respectively. After years of hard work and dedication, the boss lady has an empire of her own today. Her legacy shall be remembered in eras to come.

Ektaa Kapoor, who recently attended the Times Now, India Economic Conclave 2022 and was seen speaking about the ‘Male gaze’ in Indian cinema and the labels that women are subjected to in Indian society. In a conversation with the producer, the host inquired “When we talk about women having greater participation, does a woman being at the head of the affairs make it more inclusive. Men work like they are in a wolf pack. The boss gets ahead, everyone gets ahead. Does it also apply when a woman is leading the team?”

Answering the same, Ektaa said “I started working very young, and I had several situations to deal with. And one of them was being a young woman. Secondly, as a star kid, I was never taken seriously. What I found interesting was that ‘The Big Boys’ clubs existed everywhere. It is not a lie. It was always there. It is natural, I would say, for men to have an instant definity to their tribe. They can’t crack jokes when women are around. So you automatically tend to hang with each other or probably have a drink with each other and that creates proximity that women don’t have an access to. It was something I have seen throughout my life. But that’s why I feel, representation is very important and women bosses are very crucial because when you have gone through it you don’t want to subject anyone through it. Whereas natural sisterhood comes naturally to me. What matters more is to live beyond it. Having kids has made me far more understanding toward women who are mothers. I mean, I have a small crash in my office and when somebody tells me that they have to run home because their son is unwell, I know the feeling. It’s a very identifiable thought process. It’s a fear that I can immediately say, ‘Please check, there are hand-foot diseases that I don’t know about and now I get to know that. This is the same fear, when somebody had that fear I got that fear. And I am hyper contractual as a man, so it’s a bigger problem. Understanding becomes far easier when you have representation of women in chairs or positions because the identification of the problem is more there. I sometimes feel that I might have misunderstood ‘The Big Boys’ club since it is natural for them to have that understanding. When a man has an issue, he tells the other guy, they both probably share a back-slapping moment! I have no problem with that club since I have the same equation with the women in my office. We can sit there and be like, shit! headache and this and that. So much understanding comes with your gender and then you learn to live beyond it too.” adds Ektaa.

In TV, her ‘Naagin 6’ is currently ruling the space. In Films, she wrapped ‘Ek Villain returns’. And in OTT she has ‘Lock Upp’ which is ruling as the most captive reality show.

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