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Despite what Elon has said, X will be unable to eliminate its blocking feature

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Despite what Elon has said, X will be unable to eliminate its blocking feature

Despite what Elon has said X will be unable to eliminate its blocking feature

This represents yet another attempt by Elon to capture attention, and I’m not inclined to provide it any publicity.

That outcome is unlikely to materialize.


Because it would breach the guidelines of both the Apple and Google Play Store. Consequently, X would no longer meet the criteria for being hosted on either platform, ultimately resulting in the demise of the application.

It’s possible to make a case that the language used in the Apple policy is somewhat ambiguous, as it doesn’t explicitly specify whether the capability to block users should reside with individual users or the service itself. However, the implication is evident, and there’s no room for differing interpretations in the Play Store description.

Certainly, Elon has appeared to have been granted some leeway in bending these regulations previously, whether it’s in terms of naming conventions for applications or content oversight, for instance. It’s conceivable that he might be able to maneuver within these regulations once more, though this particular instance seems to be stretching the boundaries too much. Both Apple and Google would likely find it difficult to permit such a move.

What could be Elon’s motivation for wanting to eliminate blocking features?

The reason is that it leads to a decrease in ad views by restricting the visibility of content. There isn’t much other rationale behind it, although Elon has previously voiced concerns that accommodating block lists poses challenges for X’s systems.

Perhaps that’s the incentive, but it’s not definitively evident.

Subsequently, CEO Linda Yaccarino of X has taken steps to manage the situation, aiming to mitigate the impact of Elon’s statement.

However, I can’t envision a viable route for this to come to fruition, considering the explicit regulations set by the App Store.

Hence, this appears to be Elon expressing his opinions without careful consideration, a tactic that effectively garners more attention for him, and perhaps for X too.

Despite what Elon has said, X will be unable to eliminate its blocking feature

Nevertheless, it’s highly improbable that this concept will materialize in the actual world.

And here I am, engaging with the Musk media apparatus and inadvertently contributing to it.

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