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Chandigarh targets to become the country’s first carbon-free city,” :Dharampal

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Chandigarh targets to become the country’s first carbon-free city,” :Dharampal

Chandigarh targets to become the country's first carbon-free city," :Dharampal

With the aim of making Chandigarh the country’s first carbon free city by 2030 UT administration has started work towards the goal, planning to cover Model Burail Jail and the education department ( schools) in the first phase administration has started emphasising on promoting clean fuel vehicles.

On Monday, IAS Dharampal, the Advisor to the Administrator, joined as the chief guest in the Valedictory ceremony of the ninth four-day Ins and Outs show organised by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


This Mega Show is organised with the collaboration of the Indian Institute of Architects, Fire and Security Association of India, and Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), with the support of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI).

Adviser said that the Chandigarh administration is promoting solar energy. Additionally, electric vehicles (EVs) are also being promoted here. Many government institutions in Chandigarh have already adopted solar energy. He urged building companies to manufacture eco-friendly and reusable materials.


He emphasised that recognizing the paramount importance of sustainable design, technology, and security in the rapidly evolving world is essential. Chandigarh, the Beautiful City, actively supports the first initiatives related to sustainable design and technology.

Chandigarh has presented policies that encourage the use of green construction materials and energy-efficient technologies in construction projects. One of our notable initiatives is to promote smart cities and smart homes, which align perfectly with the theme of this expo.

Before this, welcoming Dharampal’s arrival, Madhusudan Vij, Chair of PHDCCI Chandigarh Chapter, said that this is the ninth edition that has been expanded this time. Not only have more businesses assisted here compared to previous editions, but also more than 50,000 people have visited here in the last four days.

On this occasion, Naveen Seth, Deputy Secretary-General of PHDCCI, said that considering the encouragement of city residents, the Ins and Outs will be organised from September 7 to September 10 next year. On this occasion, Suvrat Khanna, Co-Chair of PHDCCI Chandigarh Chapter, said that next year, Ins and Outs will be presented to city residents in a new format. Bharti Sood, Regional Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, shared that during the valedictory ceremony of the event, the managers of companies that performed better in Ins and Outs were also honoured.

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