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BTS Jungkook Dating History: From Mysterious Girl To IU!

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BTS Jungkook Dating History: From Mysterious Girl To IU!

BTS Jungkook Dating History: From Mysterious Girl To IU!

BTS Jungkook love life is always on the list of most talkative topic and here are all the details!

BTS Jungkook, a famous name in the Korean industry as well as now in Hollywood has a very private life but here are all the details related to his dating history.

The Korean industry is very much private related to the dating history of The Artist and also very strict about it.

Privacy comes from the side of the company of which they are part. And the strictness comes from the company as well as from the media and some fans.

Once the dating history or the dating life with the confirmation comes with the name of any actor then it is supposed to be the end of their career. However, the scenario is now changing.

Coming back to the point then BTS Jungkook is one such name that is being loved by almost everyone

His kind nature as well as kid-like behaviour with maturity is what fans think very adorable. Coming to his dating life then it has always been clear from the very beginning of his career.

It was just a few times when the rumors were delivered but later on, these rumors were either denied by the company or denied by the artist themselves.

It was at the very beginning of the career of BTS Jungkook when he was involved with one mysterious girl. The Identity of the girl was never revealed or never came in front and fans also decided to keep it very light.

After that BTS Jungkook was not at all involved in any such scenario. However, he accepted his crush and that is another artist coming from the Korean industry. This is no one else but IU.

IU was the first one whose album BTS Jungkook decided to buy. He always showed his love and inspiration for this female artist just as a fan.

Fans on the other hand started shipping these two till the time the dating life of IU was confirmed. She is right now dating the South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk.

The couple are dating and confirmed their relationship but never confirmed when they started their relationship.

According to the source, they are dating each other for more than 1 year. Their relationship was promoted by their fans and also by the company. This artist’s test also came in front and expressed their love and respect for each other.


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