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Blake Lively shares a humorous sketch of herself, initially posted by her spouse Ryan Reynolds, with a grateful message: ‘Expressing my gratitude.’

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Blake Lively shares a humorous sketch of herself, initially posted by her spouse Ryan Reynolds, with a grateful message: ‘Expressing my gratitude.’:- Blake Lively’s most recent appearance is truly memorable. On Thursday, an Instagram user by the name of @2dollarartist shared a comical illustration inspired by one of Lively’s recent Betty Buzz ad campaigns. In the original photo, the 36-year-old actress is seen by a poolside, donning a red bikini and sporting pigtails with her long blonde hair. Although the drawing captures most of the elements accurately, there are noticeable distinctions (or several) between the two.

Blake Lively Reposts Hilarious Drawing of Herself Originally Shared by Husband Ryan Reynolds: 'Thank You'

A lighthearted comment from the official Betty Buzz Instagram account remarked, “I’ll be utilizing this for future PR headshots. Remarkably accurate.”

Someone who found the drawing impressive was Ryan Reynolds, who posted the artwork on his Instagram Story and included a link to the artist’s Instagram page.

Blake Lively, in turn, shared her husband’s repost on her own Instagram Story and expressed her gratitude with a simple “Thank you.”

Lively’s initial post included three sunny photos to promote the latest addition to her Betty Buzz drink collection: grapefruit.

In the main image of the slideshow, the former Gossip Girl star looked directly into the camera, sporting a visor that cast a crimson shade over her face. She showcased a collection of gold rings as she brought the Betty Buzz glass towards her crimson-colored lips. Lively also proudly displayed her newly manicured red nails for the photo session.

In the second picture, the actress used the drink as a refreshing cold compress to beat the heat while standing beside a pool, showcasing her red bikini top. In the final shot, Lively was all smiles with the product prominently displayed.

On her Instagram Story, she shared an interesting tidbit about the photoshoot: “This isn’t a documentation of a wild mating ritual (although it could be),” Lively quipped. “I genuinely gulp down @bettybuzz Meyer Lemon every single day.”

“As the founder,” she added, “I am our top customer. I respect the privacy of our customers, so I won’t reveal that @vancityreynolds is our second most frequent customer.”

Lively and Reynolds, who recently celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary, are known for playfully teasing each other on social media – even on their birthdays. However, they also share more heartfelt tributes to each other.

In August, Reynolds, who is 46 years old, marked Lively’s birthday with a touching Instagram caption, accompanying a series of photos of the It Ends with Us star. Alongside the slideshow of pictures, the Deadpool actor expressed, “The only thing that is undeniably mine in this world is the love, appreciation, and admiration I have for this individual.”

He went on to say, “Observing her journey through life is something I wouldn’t take lightly even if I attempted to do so. And believe me, I’ve tried.” Reynolds concluded with, “Happy Birthday, @blakelively. You are my everything.”

The couple has four children together: their daughters James, who is 8½ years old, Inez, who turns 7 this month, Betty, who will be 4 next month, and a fourth child, whose arrival Lively revealed quietly in February.

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