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Arvind Kejriwal announces 10 guarantees for Lok Sabha polls

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AAP’s National Convenor, Arvind Kejriwal, along with Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and Sandeep Pathak, unveiled the party’s 10 guarantees ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

Kejriwal expressed regret for the delay caused by his arrest but assured that despite this setback, there’s ample time left in the electoral process.

He clarified that while these guarantees haven’t been discussed with the rest of the INDIA alliance, they are commitments unlikely to face opposition.

Kejriwal pledged to ensure the implementation of these guarantees once the INDIA alliance assumes power.

Among the guarantees, Kejriwal highlighted the provision of round-the-clock electricity nationwide. He pointed out the surplus capacity for electricity generation in the country, emphasizing that it exceeds the current demand.

Drawing from his experiences in Delhi and Punjab, he asserted the feasibility of replicating this success nationally.

Additionally, Kejriwal announced plans to provide up to 200 units of free electricity to impoverished citizens, estimating the cost at Rs 1.25 lakh crore and expressing confidence in arranging the funds.

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