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Are Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Married? Couple Pictured Wearing Bands on Ring Fingers

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Are Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Married? Couple Pictured Wearing Bands on Ring Fingers

Did Kate Bosworth and Justin Long get married? The couple was seen wearing rings on their ring fingers.

On May 9, during his Life is Short podcast, Long publicly acknowledged that they are now married.

He referred to Bosworth as his “now-wife” and shared that he was falling in love with her while she visited him on set.

Long admitted that he used to feel uncomfortable with having his partner on set but enjoyed the experience with Bosworth, describing it as a truly enchanting time.

On Sunday, a picture was posted showing the 44-year-old actor from Barbarian and the 40-year-old star from Force of Nature wearing rings on their ring fingers.

Bosworth, the Los Angeles native, shared the photo on Mother’s Day, depicting herself, Long, and two others seated around a table.

She also took a picture with her mother, Patricia Bosworth, whom she described as “the anchor to my shore.” Bosworth expressed her love for her mother in an Instagram story captioned, “Love you so much mama. You are both the anchor to my shore and the wind in my sails. Happy Mother’s Day!”

Furthermore, she paid tribute to her mother with an additional photo, expressing, “She embodies radiance! The love that fills my heart originates entirely from my mama. No one surpasses her in generosity, warmth, and kindness.”

No response was given to PEOPLE’s inquiries made on Monday.

During an episode of Long’s Life is Short podcast in April, the couple declared their engagement, over a year after initial rumors of their romance had surfaced during their time together in Los Angeles.

Bosworth described Long’s proposal as the epitome of romance, sincerity, and affection.

Long expressed that the experience felt incredibly natural and was strongly connected to a deeply personal journey they were both undergoing. He described it as a genuine expression of their real-life transformation, emerging in an organic manner.

Initially, the actor had prepared something special for Bosworth’s 40th birthday in January. However, he acknowledged that circumstances can change unexpectedly and dramatically, without any prior indications.

In addition, the actress from Blue Crush mentioned that they had recently faced a difficult situation and sought guidance from a therapist.

“At that time, we were actively working through our challenges, and the therapist offered us valuable advice,” she explained. “She advised us to make a conscious effort to regularly ask each other about our needs and desires.”

Bosworth went on to share, “I recall waking up on several mornings after that therapy session, and as I looked at Justin, I greeted him with a smile and asked, ‘What do you need?'”

She continued, “He looked at me intently and responded, ‘To spend my life with you.'”

Smiling, she recollected their exchange, saying, “‘Well, of course, you have that. Oh my goodness, you already have that,’ to which he earnestly replied, ‘No, I mean I genuinely want to spend my life with you.'”

Long expressed, “The words just flowed out effortlessly, it was the easiest thing to say.”

The couple’s initial connection dates back to March 2022, and they made their first appearance on Instagram in May.

Long shared a series of selfies featuring Bosworth enjoying a pint of Guinness, and she commented, “I’m the luckiest. 🍀✨😘”

Following their engagement announcement, the couple had their first joint interview with PEOPLE on April 20.

They expressed gratitude for the overwhelming kindness and support they received from people, including strangers.

Long recounted a recent encounter at a grocery store where an employee took his shopping cart and congratulated them.

Are Kate Bosworth and Justin Long Married? Couple Pictured Wearing Bands on Ring Fingers

Initially, he thought she was referring to something he had bought or an upcoming project.

Long shared that he feels incredibly close to Bosworth, and their engagement hasn’t changed that deep connection. He described their bond as profound and positive.

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