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Anya Singh: Yet to decode why people fall for their best friend

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Mumbai, April 17 (MondayMirror.com) Actress Anya Singh, who is the female protagonist of the web series ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend : Season 2’ (‘NKYBF’), says the blurred line between friendship and love with a best friend is quite an interesting space to explore because it is still a mystery for her.

After the release of its first season in 2020, the central characters Sumer Singh Dhillon and Tanie Brar of the show ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend’ became very popular among the youth.

Anya found her way to understand how bigger her character Tanie became for fans.

In a conversation with IANS, Anya said: “I have started getting messages on social media where college kids would ask me for relationship advice because every second person must have fallen in love with their best friend at least once.”

“They started thinking I am Tanie in real life too! Funny that I never fall for my best friend. So I had zero personal experience of that situation. But it also made me realised how relatable and loved Tanie is!”

The story of ‘NKYBF’ revolves around Sumer and Tanie and how their love-hate relationship translates into romantic love quite unknowingly.

Asked about what made such a situation occur in a friendship, Anya shared: “That is an interesting, mysterious space for me to explore. Honestly, I do not know. It usually happens between opposite gender friendships.”

She further explained, “Love has many shades and of course, there is a deep love we have for our best friend. But we never know when the spark happens and those regular chat, holding hands, hugs and other friendly gesture starts feeling more than just a friendly touch.”

“We never know when a regular compliment or even fight starts feeling super special. In the show also in the climax, we tried to decode that, so I am not revealing that here!”

‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend : Season 2’ also starring Karan Wahi, Sarah Jane Dias – releases on Zee5 on April 29.

Source: IANS

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