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5004 Voters are in the Age Group of 100 to 119 Years in Punjab: CEO

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5004 Voters are in the Age Group of 100 to 119 Years in Punjab: CEO

Punjab’s Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Sibin C, shared surprising voter demographics for the state. As of March 1, 2024, Punjab has an impressive 5004 voters aged between 100 and 119, along with 205 voters over 120.

In line with the Election Commission of India’s directives, those aged 85 and above can vote from home for convenience. Sibin C ensured that District Election Officers cum Deputy Commissioners have been instructed accordingly to facilitate this.

Breaking down the numbers, Sibin C pointed out that among the 5004 voters aged 100 to 119, 1917 are male and 2928 are female in the 100-109 age range. Additionally, there are 59 male and 100 female voters aged 110 to 119.

For those over 120, there are 205 voters, including 122 males and 83 females. Ludhiana district has the highest number of elderly voters, with 77 men and 34 women over 120, followed by Ferozepur with 24 men and 25 women.

Regarding first-time voters, as of March 1, 2024, Punjab has 4,89,631 voters aged 18-19, including 16 transgender voters. Of these, 2,93,100 are male and 1,96,515 are female.

Overall, Punjab has 2,12,71,246 voters, with 1,11,92,959 male voters and 1,00,77,543 female voters. Sibin C encouraged all voters to exercise their democratic rights and participate in the electoral process to achieve the ambitious goal encapsulated by the slogan ‘Is Vaar 70 Paar’.

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